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How Employee Handbooks Can Save You From Social Media Legal Claims

Social Media.  Everyone is doing it, BUT are you exposed to claims?!?

What you don’t consider when engaging in social media on behalf of your company can create legal issues and expose your company to claims.  Claims can range from slander to intellectual property infringement.  Literally your errors and those of your employees can be exposed to the whole world!  So what should you do?  First of all, it is wise to make sure that your company has an employee handbook and it specifically addresses internet usage.



Trademarks: How to protect your brand and intellectual property legally

Trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, and patents are all common types of intellectual property.  Intellectual property or IP refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce.  The business world is highly competitive, and it pays to stake claim to and protect your IP.  This is ESPECIALLY…

Breweries, Brewpubs, and Contract Breweries in South Carolina

Breweries, Brewpubs, and Contract Breweries in South Carolina

In our effort to keep you up to date on the fast growing craft beer market in South Carolina, we periodically update this listing of Breweries, Brewpubs, and Contract Breweries in South Carolina.  Please feel free to contact our Alcohol Law practice group if you have any questions about the legalities of starting your own Breweries, Brewpubs,…

Do you know what the labels on your alcoholic beverages mean?

Do you know what the labels on your alcoholic beverages mean?  If you don’t it can definitely cost you!!  There are many open litigation suits regarding false advertising claims on some of you favorite alcoholic beverages.  You mean Red Stripe, the official beer of Jamaica, is actually brewed in Pennsylvania…Wait What?!?  “Handmade”, “Craft”, and “Imported”…

Clients Carolina Bauernhaus Ales In The News!

WSPA-TV News Channel 7 Scene on 7 just aired a news clip on one of my clients Carolina Bauernhaus Ales.  Carolina Bauernhaus Ales will be pouring some of their handcrafted ales at Swamp Rabbit Brewery and Taproom’s SeptemBrew Fest happening this Saturday 9/5.  You will also be able to sample some of the other fine startup Upstate breweries like…


Startup: Hiring Considerations For Businesses and Owners

LINK:  Startup: Hiring Considerations For Businesses and Owners A decision to launch a startup business is a BIG decision.  Here is a short list of some of the very important questions that a startup business owner will need to address:  Where is your office going to be located, what type of lease do you need and can you afford, how you are going…

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Craft Beer Industry Updates! Does any of the recent activity affect your favorite brand?

LINK:  Craft Beer Industry Update: Mergers & acquisitions, ESOPS, & liquidity transactions The craft beer business has had A LOT of activity recently!  Large and well known brands have consolidated and merged with other lesser known brands AND much more…  Check out this informative market update to see if any of your favorite craft beer brands may have been…