Liability In Shift Beer?

Is There Liability With Shift Beer In The Brewing Industry?

Is Shift Beer a Liability?

Anyone who has worked in a brewery or knows people that do is familiar with the industry norm that free beer for employees is a perk.  Is there liability with shift beer?  The attached article and link gives a little food for thought, or should we say craft beer for thought, when considering the industry norm of shift beer and the possibility of liability with shift beer for employers in the brewing industry.  A well crafted employee handbook could help avoid potential shift beer liability.  Contact our alcohol licensure practice group to see how we can help you.


Social Media

How Employee Handbooks Can Save You From Social Media Legal Claims

Social Media.  Everyone is doing it, BUT are you exposed to claims?!?

What you don’t consider when engaging in social media on behalf of your company can create legal issues and expose your company to claims.  Claims can range from slander to intellectual property infringement.  Literally your errors and those of your employees can be exposed to the whole world!  So what should you do?  First of all, it is wise to make sure that your company has an employee handbook and it specifically addresses internet usage.